Service Time:

Every Saturday, 6:00-7:15pm

Weekly encouraging and inspirational messages.

CHOSEN Re-launch Guide

  • Masks required inside (non-negotiable)
  • Masks required outside (when social distancing isn’t followed)
  • COVID signage displayed at entrance
  • The more people you hug, the greater your risk; so, while inside, leaders should avoid hugging ESPECIALLY people in high-risk groups due to age (over 60) or medical conditions (lung disease, cancer, and so on). Leaders are advised to greet using the Wakanda X salute.
  • Social distancing inside
  • No pictures taken or shared where masks and or social distancing guidelines are not adhered
  • Hand sanitizer upon entry
  • Brennan Covid Talk – asking to keep masks on, maintain social distancing, etc.- if you remove your mask, you will be asked to leave – unless you are taking a drink for that moment, your mask stays on
  • CHOSEN Kids closed until 11-1-20
  • Operation team to “police” the mask situation
  • Lobby Closed
  • One way entry/ Two-way exit
  • 2 chairs left between each family
  • 9am rows are for CHOSEN
  • Overflow seating in lobby set up in the middle facing TVs

About Our Saturday Service

Join our SOS movement at Chosen and “Sleep On Sunday”, wear what you want in our judgement free zone and come hang with us at Chosen for our Saturday night church service! All are welcome!  Doors open @ 5:30 PM and service begins at 6:05 PM and ends around 7:15 PM. We provide free child care and we promise to have you out with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your Saturday night. For more information, click the link below!

What To Expect

  • Start Time

    Service starts at 6:05 sharp but you are welcomed to join us at any time during the service.

  • Refreshments

    There is always light snacks & juice that you can take into the Worship Center.

  • Dress Code

    Dress is casual but you are welcomed to dress up if that is more comfortable for you.

  • Service Length

    Service usually lasts between 65-75 minutes.

  • Always Welcomed

    You will be greeted by a smiling face at the door and there will be plenty of friendly people around to help you with anything you need.