Chosen Leadership


Brennan Francois - Care Pastor

Favorite Movie: After the Promise
Something you say often: "You can do it, oh Yes You Can!"
Favorite Hobby: Golf
Favorite Food: Red beans and rice


Diamond Bythwood - Chosen Kidz

Favorite Movie: The Pursuit of Happiness
Favorite Color: Pink
Something you say often: "Come On!", "Yes ma'am/sir" (Both of these phrases are to hype and uplift people lol)
Favorite Hobby: Painting and picnicking in the park with my son
Favorite Food: Seafood


Dani Parks - Middle School Pastor & Social Media Director

Favorite Movie: The Color Purple
Favorite Color: Cobalt Blue
Something you say often: "I Love You"
Favorite Hobby: Making Crafts
Favorite Food: Salmon


Sabrina Carter - CLASSI Women's Ministry Leader

Favorite Movie: Save the Last Dance
Favorite Color: Olive Green
Something you say often: "Whatever"
Favorite Hobby: Art
Favorite Food: International (Italian, Asian, and Southern)


Linda McKie - Pastor Yannik's Boo, Hospitality & Classi Women's Ministry Leader

Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman
Favorite Color: Blue
Somrthing you say often: "I'm not entertaining you!"
Favorite Hobby: Couponing
Favorite Food: Shrimp Scampi


Mathedel Davis - Media Director

Favorite Movie: Bodyguard
Favorite Color: Black
Something you say often: "It's all good!"
Favorite Hobby: Reading
Favorite Food: Spinach


Sleepy Eyez Carter - Youth Director

Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz (yes you read it correctly)
Something you say often: "Cook food!" (If you know you know)
Favorite Food: banana pudding (the home made real kind not the fake stuff)


Shalanda Morris - Administrator

Favorite Movie: Coming to America
Favorite Color: Red
Something you say often: "Nah son!"
Favorite Hobby: Cycling, water sports, dog training
Favorite Food: Scallops


Jackson Drumgoole M.A.D.E. Men Director

Favorite Movie: 5 Heartbeats
Favorite Color: Red (of course)
Something you say often: "I may tell you a story, but I'll never tell you a lie..."
Favorite Hobby: Traveling and learning about different cultures/people
Favorite Food: Anything my wife cooks 🙂


George Hayes Finance Director

Favorite Movie: Die Hard
Favorite Color: Blue
Something you say often: "The bottom line is..."
Favorite Hobby: Work
Favorite Food: Fried Shrimp


Lamar Mitchell Worship Director

Favorite Movie: Coming to America
Favorite Color: Green
Something you say often: "Lives are at stake"
Favorite Hobby: Basketball
Favorite Food: Bacon Cheeseburger with Egg


Anna Bradsher Assistant Administrator

Favorite movie - Love and Basketball
Favorite color - Carolina blue--go Tar Heels, baby
Favorite Hobby - International travel--22 countries and counting
Favorite food - Ethiopian
Phrase - Let's go get 'em


Yannik McKie - Lead Pastor & Purpose Coach

Favorite Movie: Iron Man
Something you say often: "Common sense isn't common"
Favorite Hobby: Shopping
Favorite Food: Potatoes