Chosen "Be the Bridge" (Ages 18+)

Chosen “Be the Bridge” (Ages 18+)


CHOSEN Be the Bridge (BTB) is for anybody who is ready to start learning, having conversations and working to build relationships that have the potential to heal racial divides. The goal being to achieve racial reconciliation among all ethnicities, promote racial unity in America, and to equip others to become bridge-builders as a reflection of our ministry of reconciliation in Christ.

BTB101: For White Bridge Builders:
A place for our white brothers and sisters to become familiar with basic tenets to prepare to fully engage in the work of racial reconciliation.

BIPOC: For People of Color:
A brave space created to discuss internalized racism, classism, colorism, and how we can find true healing.

Be the Bridge: For a Racially Diverse, Small Group:
BTB 101 and BIPOC graduates come together in a diverse group of 3-12 people through a 9-session study on the key steps in the racial reconciliation process.